Welcome to my blog!

I hope everyone will enjoy following me on my journey trying to get to the top level of eventing!

After a very difficult season last year, which began with a lovely sunny March then continued with rain, rain… and more rain; Donovan injuring his tendon in early May and then after only managing to get to our 5th event with Ali (rain) I got a tad over excited about how fantastically she had gone cross country at Llanymynech in September that we went a rather spectacular “SPLAT” at the last fence and I broke my collar bone and that was it for the 2012 season….

So on to 2013… after a winter of training and some successful outing British Dressage with Ali, qualifying for the Summer Regionals at Novice level with some 70%+ scores and gradually bringing Donovan back into work.

Donovan is now cantering and starting to return to almost full work, aiming for his first dressage outing soon.  He has his last tendon scan in 4 weeks then hopefully we can start jumping again.

Ali has competed at her first 2 Novices and been double clear in each gaining her first 2 points.  She was 8th last weekend at Draycott House in her 2nd Novice, so we are very excited about her future and aim to do a 1 star later in the year.

Next event is Chepstow Novice with Ali on 29th April.

Ali at Draycott  Ali SJ at Draycott Manor 9th June 2013 – Photo courtesy of Trafford Photography www.traffordphotography.co.uk


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