Best laid plans

I booked the day off work today but didn’t quite go as planned…

All started well, bright and early to feed and muck out and then I took Donovan down the field to do some hill work – including some steady canter up and down! Legs looking very good before and afterwards so very pleased with his progress (he was also very well behaved which is great!)

So after a quick trip to the garage to drop Dad’s car off and a bowl of cereal… I started getting Ali ready for our trip down to Nick Gauntlett’s yard (with Alice) for some SJ training, however when brushing her I noticed a small swelling on her leg – so what has she been up to between our lovely quiet hack last night and this morning?  We decided it was best not to risk jumping her and she had her leg iced and had the day off in a small paddock.  Fingers crossed all will be ok for our competition next week.

This minor blip did however give me time to bring in our 3yo out of the same mare as Ali and by Parsons Rasputin – Replica (or Flicka) – when you see her you will realise why the show name!!  She had full tack on for the first time ever (see pic below) and was a little star to walk around, stand by the mounting block and let me lie over her, then had a bath in the beautiful sunshine!


Once it had started to cool down I had a ride on my sister’s 15.2hh mare Bluebell who is currently for sale.  She went beautifully and is a safe and fun all-rounder who would be perfect for a teenager coming off ponies. I have put some pics of her below.



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