Moores Farm Clear Round

Luckily I managed to swap my half day from last week to today so that we could take Ali jumping as the swelling on her leg appears to be behaving itself at the moment (although I am very paranoid now!).

I got out of work by 1:30pm (only half hr late so not bad!) and managed to fit in a hack on Donovan who was feeling rather bright and breezy despite having been in the field all morning and it being warm!

Moores Farm Equestrian ( in Corse Lawn, Gloucestershire do clear round jumping on a tuesday evening, which is fantastic value and they have people to change all the fences to the height you request as it is your turn to jump.  We had to work in indoors, which Ali found extremely scary! – spooking at everything and it took a while for her to relax and go forward properly.  I decided to jump at 1.05m as we hadn’t jumped for over a week.


She pinged round really well in their outdoor arena, even putting in a few “humps” after the last showing off how much she enjoyed it!

I iced her leg to be on the safe side but it looked fine after she jumped so fingers crossed.  We’ll do a short canter in the field in the morning ready for Chepstow at the weekend.

A hot but happy Ali after her round

A hot but happy Ali after her round

Alice Bennett from the yard joined us at Moores Farm on her mare Freya, she did two rounds the 2nd of which was fab!  Freya is returning to competition after a period of rest and they go to Summerhouse EC on Saturday so good luck to them.  You can follow Alice on her new facebook page Alice Bennett Show Jumper

Alice and Freya today

Alice and Freya today


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