Soaked through…

After a morning at work, British summer gave me its’ best this afternoon and I got totally drenched riding both horses right through to my undies!!

Donovan went absolutely brilliantly in the school and is definitely ready to go out and do some dressage now, I will probably do a couple of unaffiliated competitions before re-registering him British Dressage and doing a few more medium tests with him.  It’s exciting to have him back going so well!

Donovan entering the arena at Barbury Horse Trials in 2011 before his injury

Donovan entering the arena at Barbury Horse Trials in 2011 before his injury

Ali was slightly more tricky today, I think partly because she has had quieter week and because we did some canter work down the field yesterday morning, which always make them a bit “long and strung out” before doing flat work.  Despite the rain we did an hour session and she had relaxed and worked well by the end, hopefully she’ll be a little more cooperative on Saturday.  The good news is her leg that I was a bit concerned about last week has been fine with jumping on Tuesday and the canter work we did yesterday, phew!

We have our times now for Chepstow Horse Trials on Saturday and dressage is not until 4:42pm!! – this does at least mean I will be able to ride Donovan before we go and I’ll not be in quite such a rush to get everything ready as I don’t finish work until 6pm Friday.  Alice, who is competing Freya at Summerhouse EC Saturday am will be putting everyone else to bed for us though as we will have a late finish not going cross country until 6:18pm!  We then have an early start Sunday to go and help scoring at the Malvern Pony Club annual One Day Event (my branch when growing up) at Hilltop XC in Ledbury.


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