Sun, sun, sun!

After a nice weekend away visiting my good friend from uni and fitting riding in before leaving and when back, I’ve had a rather busy start to the week at work! On Monday night a Yorkie came in as an emergency choking… on what we found to be a raw hide chew wedged in her oesophagus! Beware of greedy small dogs… we managed to remove it via a hole into the stomach and she’s feeling just fine now.  Then Tuesday when I was meant to finish slightly earlier a caesarian came in at 5pm so had to ride Ali at 8pm.

The sun certainly makes you feel happier though, however a tad warm in the evening consulting room and riding (especially schooling Donovan, who is a lazy boy on the flat)!  My little Mr Toddles has taken to the bush to keep cool!

Sleepy hot Todd!

Sleepy hot Todd!

He still insisted on coming with me in the lorry to take Donovan for another scan on his leg.  We were pleased with the progress of his leg on the scans but have decided to play it safe and wait to start jumping until the winter and next season for eventing.  I have re-joined him to British Dressage though and we are going to start with some lower level tests before starting medium level again and aiming for advanced medium.  So hopefully we can even get to the Winter Dressage Championships again!!  Our first outing will probably be at Abbey Dressage in 10 days time, it will be great to get him out and looking all smart again.  I think he will be rather happy to be out (he even got excited about going to the vets today as he expected a more exciting party I think!)

Donovan ready for a hack after his trip to the vets

Donovan ready for a hack after his trip to the vets

Ali is going well but we have decided not to take her to the BD Novice Regionals that she qualified for earlier this year as this and the final clashes with the eventing I am doing with her so we’ll do more BD with her over the winter, then maybe they can both go to the winter champs….


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