Can’t really decide if I like this weather or not but it is definitely rather warm for working and in the afternoons for riding too!

Ali and I had a nice easy hack in the semi cool this morning before work with once again this fantastic view…

Our fab view hacking up to the top at the moment (this is Donovan's ears one morning last week!)

Our fab view hacking up to the top at the moment (this is Donovan’s ears one morning last week!)

She was having a quiet day today as we did some “fast work” (sort of ) in the school last night – the fields are just too hard so we did as forward canter as possible and had a couple of fences up to pop over too.  Although it was 8pm it was still warm but I think it is good for both of us as it looks like it is set to continue next week when we go to Dauntsey Novice.

I’m on call this weekend, which means working 8:30-1 plus anything after this that comes in “out-of-hours”, so hopefully all animals will stay healthy for me!  So far, so good… I got home by 1:30pm and after a quick lunch put up a few of fences in the school to take a lovely little pony we have in for schooling round – despite the heat she was a little star and is going well, she is only 6yo and looks like she have a long Pony Club “career” ahead of her!

After a bit of a break to cool down,  have another drink, fetch a few others in, clean some tack and generally wait until it cooled down slightly… Donovan had a schooling session, apart from being rather lazy (obviously exacerbated by the heat) he is going well and we started going through some of the movements ready for our first BD outing next weekend.  I got the impression he was a tad annoyed at being asked to be more accurate in preparation for riding the tests!


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