AM schooling and PM trip to Rectory Farm

After a very unproductive day horse-wise yesterday because of a busy day on call for work, I then had a rude awakening to see a dog in the middle of the night (you always have a busy day if you swap with someone…) but was “off call” this morning.  I schooled Ali for a short time first because of her unplanned day off yesterday even though she was meant to be going show jumping this afternoon.  I wanted to check that she didn’t mind me having my tail coat on in preparation for our 1 star at Somerford Park and still have time to practice again if she did mind! Anyhow I need not have worried as she did he very best “am I bothered” impression and was more excited when someone rode past up the lane!

Ali very relaxed about me wearing tails for the first time

Ali very relaxed about me wearing tails for the first time

She went out in the field for a couple of hours whilst I schooled Donovan, I am really trying to ride him forward, especially at the beginning and if he starts to spook or back off my leg and leave the front end alone as much as possible.  It is slowly working and getting him more in front of the leg and responsive in general.  We started doing some shoulder-in and half pass so that we can do some Medium tests soon, but I will try and have a lesson with dressage trainer Mike Garman before I enter for our first Medium to get his input on the lateral work.

Donovan went out to the field to and had a great time getting all muddy after the rain we had last night!! I am hoping the ground will be soft enough to do some fast work in the fields with Ali tomorrow as I can hear it raining again now!

This afternoon Alice and I took Freya and Ali to Rectory Farm at Duntisbourne Abbots for their unaffiliated show jumping to practice jumping a course in competition.  It is a great venue with a large outdoor arena and fantastic set of wooden show jumps, it was well organised and they were all really friendly.  Ali was an idiot about having her friend Freya there, even though they are not turned out together or stabled next to each other, she just seems to have a “thing” for her!!  However she jumped a fab round clear and won the 1.10m class, so that was a good confidence giver after our rolled pole at Dauntsey.  Steph Burch Photography took some great photos throughout the day, click here to see Ali jumping – Alice and Freya are the first photos and me and Ali photos 0747 to 0751.

I have a busy week ahead at work with colleagues on holiday but our next outing is next Saturday with both horses going to Allens Hill for British Dressage.


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