Weekend training at home

On call again this weekend and had extremely busy Saturday morning consulting almost non stop from 8:45am until 1:15!!  Finally got back mid afternoon hoping not to have too much else to do as 2nd on call.  Managed to fit in a good schooling session with Ali going through some more of the movements for to 1 star test next weekend, squeezing the 60x20m test into our just over 40×20!!  (well if we can do it in the small one it will be easy it the bigger one??!)  Then back to work to check on everyone before a nice evening at home with great family and friends for a nice meal (and luckily no disturbances!)

This morning as well as checking the in-patients I had to take a better look (after pain relief and treatment for shock yesterday) at head nurse Zoe’s cat, who was hit by a car on Friday evening and had a very lucky escape but a very swollen face, sore eye and broken lower jaw, poor boy.  He was still managing to eat though!! We wired his jaw to stabilise it and let it heal.

Wellingtons fixed jaw (and very swollen face)

Wellingtons fixed jaw (and very swollen face)

I got back mid morning and had a really productive jumping session on Ali.  After Dad had topped the paddock last week we put up a new course, which had some testing but rideable turns and a treble.  I put the course up to 1.15-1.20 m ready for our max 1.15 m course at the 1 star.  I worked in on the arena as the ground was rather firm in the field and it is also good practice going out and jumping the course straight off, after warm up fences in the school as we would in competition.  Her first round was rather messy and she was landing too much on her forehand then getting unbalanced as we moved away from the fence so struggling to get the right canter for the next fence, luckily Mum was on hand to come and have a look – she quickly found I was folding too much and not helping Ali over the fence and on landing so after sitting up much more and trying not to fold too soon he round was loads better and she felt fab!!  I think I’ve started getting too forward after trying to concentrate on giving enough – now need to find the happy medium!!

After a bit of lunch it was Donovan’s turn for a school.  We made a bit of a break through today with keeping he nice and soft in his neck and so more relaxed in his whole body in his half pass in trot and canter – this also meant his flying changes were cleaner and stayed more in rhythm!  We have a lesson scheduled for 25th and then will be out to do our first medium test.

Yesterday we brought our homebred 3yo down from the field further up the lane – “Replica” (Flicka) out of the same mare as Ali but by Parsons Rasputin from Westpoint Stud.  She will stay down at the yard for the next few weeks where we will start first doing some ground work and lunging with her then get on top for the first time!  She has had tack on before so was fine with this but was not too impressed about having hind brushing boots on!!  This I think was partly the reason for her being rather explosive when we first started in the round pen, Mum took over the reins and she gradually settled down and started to relax and take some great “pointy toed” steps!!  She is bred more as a dressage horse for Mum but we’ll do a bit of everything to start with and I’m looking forward to doing some young horse classes with her next year.


Smarty pants!

Smarty pants!


Pointy toes!! And look at those hind legs picking up too!

Pointy toes!! And look at those hind legs picking up too!



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