Somerford Park

After a fairly long journey up to Somerford Park we were very impressed with the size and facilities at the centre, it is huge!  We watched a few earlier riders and got Ali settled into her stable before our dressage late on Saturday afternoon.  She performed well, slightly spoiling a few bits with minor spooks and one major spook shooting across the school when she was meant to be cantering back to the track after a half circle – we did manage to pick up the canter again to complete the larger counter-canter half circle though!  There was a road above the arena with lots of lorries going past, a horse clip-clopping and flags so it was good experience for her with lots going on, and in the rain…  She scored a 47.5 and was well inside the top half of the competitors – I was pleased and achieved my aim of a sub-50 score!

Warming up for dressage

Warming up for dressage in top hat and tails

Nice medium trot warming up - shame mum cut my head off!!

Nice medium trot warming up – shame mum cut my head off!!


Tragically the competition on Sunday was abandoned after a rider fatality on the 1 star cross country course, a reminder to us all how dangerous the sport can be and to enjoy every moment.  Thoughts go out to event organisers, volunteers and all the riders family and friends.

This evening I took Ali down to our local Moores Farm Equestrian who do excellent value clear round on Tuesday evenings – she popped round 1.15-1.20m course, just rolling a couple of poles (one especially because I got too forward) but clear second time round a felt good despite only a short warm up in the indoor (very scary!)  The more rounds we do the better I ride and so the better she jumps!  Thanks to Alice for coming and helping and videoing!! (Pictures will be on facebook later in the week)


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