Time for a lie in…

Good day at home today starting with a much needed lie in after a few rather late finishes and early start with work this week – very thankful for Mum and Dad doing the mucking out so I can have a sleep!  Then had a great hack on Donovan this morning coming back along the terrifying bridle path! -he is still so spooky, don’t think he’ll ever grow out of it.  He is going for a lesson tomorrow to polish up our lateral work etc. ready for going BD medium.  It was interval training for Ali today, although she felt so fresh on the way down and once in the field that I’m not sure she needs to be any fitter but I entered her for the CIC* at Gatcombe today mid-September.  She has Goring Novice first in a couple of weeks, and of course our exciting trip to Blenheim for the Nick Gauntlett Demo the week before Gatcombe!!

Flicka the 3yo has been lunging and long-reining well with Mum and I lunged her this afternoon with a saddle on  – she’s looking rather smart and going well.  We trotted and cantered her round with the stirrups down and flapping and she took no notice at all.  Mum came and held her and legged me up  once she’d worked well and after lying over the saddle for a little while – patting everywhere and lifting myself up so she could see me, it was time to sit on properly! I sat up and we walked round in a circle – all taken nicely in her stride so big pats all round!  It won’t be long before I’m riding properly in the arena then we’ll do a bit of hacking before turning her away again ready for next season.


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