Simulated XC and other news

Only just got round to writing this today after a rather busy week at work, long days (and a long night on weds)…  On Tuesday I took Ali to Malvern Pony Club Camp for a simulated XC lecture demo with Nick Gauntlett and 3 other ex-MPC members.  We were in the big indoor so plenty of space to get a good pace up and she went really well.  It was great to have the crowd and clapping for her to get used to and we went a tad quickly round the outside of the arena the first few times everyone clapped!!  A fab evening was had by all.  Click here to see our final round.

Today saw me up onto the 3yo again!  I gave her a quick long-rein in the arena first then got up on top with Dad standing near by to help getting her going forward.  She was much more relaxed than the first time I moved on her!  We walked all the way around the arena a few times and changed the rein, we had a few little trots but didn’t get her going forward that well.  She had been so well behaved though we left it there and will do the same tomorrow.

I finally got round to jumping our new cross country fences after a short hack on Ali this afternoon and she was brilliant and it means I can start to trust her more and more at skinnies on course.  She jumped beautifully straight from the log to the skinny brush fence (see last post for pics) on 5 strides and then I made the angle more acute jumping a tyre fence to the left of the log and over the brush from there.  We are taking her XC schooling tomorrow at Lyneham Heath Equestrian ready for our next event at Goring.  This is after another dressage lesson for Donovan first thing tomorrow with Mike Garman.  I have tried the double bridle on him a couple of times this week and her seems to be accepting it and working well in it, so finger crossed!


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