My week off

I have had a packed full week off work so far…  My parents have been away so I have been looking after the livery yard (and cows in the evenings!) for them so still plenty to do even though I wasn’t actually going to work!

All the horses have been going well.  Flicka the 3yo has been long reining well and riding is improving daily, we can easily walk and trot around the arena and over poles with reasonable directional control!!  She was good as gold on a short hack up the lane and we have now done a few short canters in the arena too.  She will go on another short hack today before going back to the field away from the yard with Rusty our hairy little pony who keeps her company for the winter.  The plan is to bring her back into work next spring hopefully ready for some 4 year old classes.



Donovan is getting much more used to the double bridle and starting to take the contact more forward in it now.  We have really been working on keeping his outside shoulder up and stepping especially when he goes to spook at something and I had a very successful lesson with Mike Garman again on Sunday.  I rode him in the snaffle this morning and he felt much better in this after being ridden in the double more often just recently, much lighter and responsive – I was really pleased with the lift and elevation I got in the trot work and how much more easily he was going in and out of the lateral movements.  He is qualified for the BD Winter Regionals at Elementary now so in a couple of weeks we are off to do our first medium!

Ali has also been going well on the flat and I am just trying to keep this consistent ready for our next competition at Gatcombe in the CIC* this weekend. I took her to Allens Hill on Tuesday for their brilliant progressive clear round where the heights go up each hour and you can go in and jump/school round as needed for £10.  The courses are always really well built with different turns and lines so it’s a good challenge and practice to get them (and the rider) thinking.  Ali went really well over the 1.10-1.15m and I was so pleased how well I was able to keep the forwardness and “ping” round all the turns and lines – great preparation for the weekend!

Anyway, the rain forecast for today doesn’t seem to have come to much so I off to fill the lorry up with water etc. and ride the others.


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