It’s getting darker…

After Ali’s fab result last weekend she has had a slightly quieter week this week with just a couple of hacks and schooling sessions, she’s feeling and looking really well though.  We’ll be doing some dressage and showjumping until more of a break for her in the deepest darkest time of winter!!

Donovan is looking very smart after his full clip (including his extremely hairy legs) – I’m sure he must feel the cold more than any other horse because he gets sooooo hairy!! Pleased to be rid of all the hair this year as we left most of it on last year (for safety reasons!) when he was just in the walking stages after his injury.

Handsome Donovan

Handsome Donovan

I have swapped him to fixed bits on the double bridle and bought a new set to fit him as he was being a bit “mouthy” in the loose bits, he is improving and feels great to the rein most of the time keeping still but soft in his head and neck but is still playing with the 2 bits a little to much than I (and more importantly the judges) would like for a test. His flying changes are really improved though and he usually does them when I ask without a buck or leap at the same time!!  This is great as it means as soon as he is more settled in his mouth we should be able to move up to Advanced Medium!  On Saturday I did a mad dash from work finishing a little late at 1:30 pm down to the indoor school where the Three Counties Dressage Group were running a test day – you are judged riding through a test as you would be in competition but the judge then gives feedback + points to work on afterwards.  Mum had kindly brought Donovan down in the lorry with her horse.  I was really pleased with him as we didn’t have long to work in but he went well and his half pass I felt was much improved and we got good feedback on it.  The judge really just said he needs to stiller in his mouth for the higher marks and loved his extended walk, which he usually can be lazy in!  We’ll keep practicing ready to go out and do some more tests soon, trying to keep motivated as the nights (and mornings at the moment) draw in and we have to ride in the dark more often!

Saturday morning consulting - mad doggy family vaccination session!

Saturday morning consulting – mad doggy family vaccination session at Avenue Vets!



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