Happy (soggy) new year

A nice dry November has turned to a very wet December and now January! We have floods all around us but the advantage of living on a hill is no floods on the yard but still very wet, the main disadvantage is the wind and it has been very windy!! Moan over!  Onto the horses… Ali is back in work after her 4 weeks off and going well.  I was very impressed with how well she behaved when I started riding her again although she has been a bit over keen and extravagant jumping but only because she enjoys it so much! She feels much stronger in the canter work especially.  Donovan is going well with a new pair of spurs for me helping lots on the flatwork, which he can be hard to motivate for.  He is really enjoying being allowed to jump and now that I have my great Universal bit back on he feels very good.

A happy Donovan jumping well!

A happy Donovan jumping well!

I am hoping to get them both out showjumping as much as possible in the next couple of months before the new season starts.  First though, I’m really looking forward taking both of them to a flatwork and jumping clinic next weekend with Sammi Mcleod and Nick Gauntlett at Rectory Farm Arena, which has a brilliant surface.

A rare sunny moment

A rare sunny moment


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