Summerhouse BS

I had the day off today to take both horses to Summerhouse for the British Show jumping show.  The forecast was terrible and they said at Summerhouse that it had rained heavily for the first 3hrs of classes but we got lucky and it stayed mainly dry for the afternoon classes.  Donovan jumped first in the 1.10m, his first jumping competition since coming back from injury.  I was riding him a bit too steadily at first with a slight too “careful” canter in the warm up, I think partly because I was concerned that the surface was not perfect with all the rain.  Once I started to be more positive and “kick-on” a bit, he was flying!  He jumped really well in the arena and just clipped the planks behind, which was my fault for over checking and adding a stride.


Donovan in the 1.10m



Knees up!

Ali started off in the 1.15m, she was feeling quite fresh and being a bit precious about the wet!  Once in the arena there was a big puddle in front of the first causing her to back off badly and then not respond to my ask for more forwardness between 2 and 3, knocking the latter.  After this she jumped much better.  I decided that I wanted to see if I could ride round again and maintain a more even forward rhythm so entered for the Foxhunter class (1.20m), her first time at this height.  I worked on getting her more off my leg in the warm up and cantering more comfortably through the wet patches!!  In the ring, she was fab – taking me much more forward and making a really good shape over the fences.  She just clipped 2 poles, the 2nd my fault but I was really pleased and think we both gained lots of confidence.

Ali in the 1.20m

Ali in the 1.20m

Ali flying!

Ali flying!


Sorry photos not the best quality as off phone video!


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