Busy weekend – season’s on the way!!

I am writing this happy, firstly due to the appearance of the sun today (at last) and secondly because I’ve had a fab weekend with the horses.  On friday we managed to get to Addington for the BD Regional Championships where both horses had qualified for the Elementary class.  It was touch and go as to whether we would make it with the storms that just kept on coming – luckily we were finished by lunchtime and got back just as the wind was really picking up (phew!) Ali was on first and despite being rather lively at times in the warm up, performed quite well in the ring other than getting a bit tense at times.  It was a great experience for her though with loads of flowers, 3 scary judges tables, plus quite a lot of outside noise for us to contend with in the big indoor.  She scored 67.92% to come 6th in a class of 31 so very pleased with her.  Click here to see more photos of Ali during her test.

Ali performing her last medium trot up the centre line to finish the test

Ali performing her last medium trot up the centre line to finish the test

Donovan was his usual spooky self but after getting him nice and forward, he relaxed well in the warm up…. this was before he saw the flowers!!! He performed a consistent test and I managed to prevent any spooks (the flowers at A were particularly scary!)  We thought the test was more relaxed than Ali’s and would score him higher but in pure dressage they prefer them more active so I need to work on this whilst still keeping the relaxation with him.  He scored 66.41% for 12th.  It is a bit disappointing how close the marks were as the judges just don’t seem brave enough to use the high or low marks enough and personally I am finding the half marking rather strange and not particularly helpful.  Click here to see more photos of Donovan during his test.

Donovan medium trot

Donovan medium trot

On saturday both horses hacked and in between I took my old pony with his current little rider to their first proper dressage competition together.  He was a little star as always! Then back to getting lorry reloaded for XC schooling today.  We took both horses to the all weather XC schooling at Aston Le Walls in fabulous sunshine (did I mention the sun yet?…)  Donovan went first today, his first time XC since his injury so I was glad of the perfect going – he felt brilliant and just took everything in his stride as if he’d never been off.  I was especially pleased with how he popped over all the skinnies as in the past he has been a bit cheeky with nipping past!  Fingers crossed things continue to go well and he can get out eventing again this season 🙂

On Ali I had booked a lesson with Nigel Taylor, we had a voucher that she won at their horse trials last year.  She was a tad fresh to start with but just wanted to get on with the job because she loves it so much and settled the more we did, she felt great through the water, up and down steps and as always was brilliant on her line to the more tricky fences.  I have put an album on my facebook page of today, click here to take a look and please like and share my page!  Can’t wait to get out for our first event now!!!


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