Weekend Fun in the Sun!

I’ve had a lovely weekend in the brilliant sunshine!  My parents were away so a busy weekend with some liveries for me to do as well but what a difference the good weather makes – the horses have been able to go out for long periods and enjoy the sun on their backs too 🙂

Flicka, who will soon be 4 was on best behaviour and really enjoyed jumping a few small fences even taking on her first filler – easy peasy! On the flat, her trot work is lovely – we practiced doing some centre lines and she is nice and straight too.  I did lots of walk-trot transitions and her contact is really consistent, the canter improving all the time.
Ali schooled dressage very well Saturday and I plan to practice on grass a bit this week now it is dry enough, before Gatcombe next weekend.  We then popped a few fences really well, calmly and in a great rhythm.  Today she did some fast work on grass for the first time, which she thought was rather exciting!!

Ali admiring our amazing views from the top of the hill after galloping in the sun

Ali admiring our amazing views from the top of the hill after galloping in the sun

Donovan also went nicely on the flat yesterday – the hanging cheek snaffle still working well and I feel that his activity is really improving and becoming more consistent.  Today he went XC schooling on grass at Hilltop in Ledbury, his first time jumping on grass for 2 years!


He felt really good and the brakes seemed to be working ok, he thoroughly enjoyed himself!  Thanks to Alice who came to help and took some photos and video.





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