Trying my patience…

Sadly I have made the difficult decision to withdraw Ali from Barbury 2* 😦  After getting her to Salperton I thought she was over her cough but I feel with her coughing a little at the beginning of exercise again this week I cannot risk running her despite her feeling very well in herself – I don’t want to do any permanent damage.  It is so frustrating with her going so well but her longer term future is more important than these next few events and hopefully she still is “one for the future”.  Time for next course of treatment…

I am lucky that Donovan has (finally) come back so well from injury and I can still take him for my (and his) first ever 2* run!  We went XC schooling to the fantastic Lyneham Heath Equestrian (unfortunately a 1.5hr journey from us – wish it was closer!) yesterday and tried out some new brakes.  I took him over lots of skinnies and tricky corners – he still felt he could be a cheeky boy but went over everything… I will just have to make sure I am really on the ball!!!  He did however jump through the loop (like owl hole but not brush all the way round)  really well.  Keeping everything crossed he behaves himself and I ride well!  Looking forward to our few days away and hoping to meet lots of new people 🙂

Donovan flying the angled skinny after the "hoop" fence

Donovan flying the angled skinny after the “hoop” fence

Another positive (must remember positive mental attitude #pma!): brought our 4yo (half sister to Ali) back into work – she has also had a cough but fingers crossed seems to be much better.  She has been fab!  No misbehaving (other than mild spooks), good schooling then popped over a few fences in a row in the arena up to 90cm 🙂  Thinking we may aim her at a 4yo class in the next couple of months.



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