British Dressage Petplan Medium Area Festival and other winter season fun!

Well winter has well and truly landed… what a disgusting morning!!!

I have had a few days off this week after Mum had an operation on Tuesday,  which is a great break to ride more and get some clipping etc. done – even though I probably work almost as hard as when I’m at work it is welcome not to be rushing to ride in the dark before or after work!

Last Saturday we went to Moreton Morrell after realising Ali was qualified for the Petplan Area Festival at Medium level, even though she had only done 2 medium level tests!  She had been going well at home with her lateral work improving all the time but being in a small indoor I knew she may be rather tense.  She worked in well and felt relaxed.  Even though she did get a little tense she still allowed me to ride her and stayed soft so I was able to keep a good bend in the half pass.  I was thrilled with our score of 68.48% especially when there is still so much improvement to come (and despite me going wrong after concentrating on good transitions while going over the patch of light by the exit door and forgetting to go up the centre line, doh! – see video!!)  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO of the test.

We were only third to go in the class and unfortunately were pipped into 2nd place by the second last person to go, a little frustrating as only first qualifies for championships!  I feel it can be a disadvantage to go earlier in a class as the judges often seem less brave with the marks.  We were still pleased with the way she went though.  I will now work towards Advanced Medium at home by starting some flying changes, which are required for Advanced eventing tests.

petplan rosette

On the Sunday I was lucky to take Merlin showjumping due to his owner being injured, he is great to ride and learns so quickly.  We were all very happy with him popping round for a lovely clear and also standing well while waiting around.  I also enjoyed helping Natalia, who rides my old Pony Club pony and did a fantastic round in the 80cm for 5th place!

merlin jumping


On call this weekend, so hope to fit in riding and all animals in the area stay healthy!!