British Dressage Allens Hill

We took Ali to Allens Hill on Saturday for 2 Medium tests – we are working on getting her to “sit” at the same time as using her shoulder and become more expressive in her movemet.  I felt this had really improved her connection and softness in her back, which can be difficult to keep at times if she becomes tense at all.  Having been working on this I think I slightly lost the forwardness, which I had earlier in the year during the tests on Saturday – getting it all at the same time is the challenge!! We are getting there and it will be fabulous when we’re there 🙂






She still scored quite well gaining a total of 6 points towards the 10 required for regional qualification with 64.77% and 65.61%.  I was pleased with how much more relaxed and rideable she stayed compared with last time we rode a test.

We jumped at home today as were a bit late to get to Solihull BS as planned – I popped a short course up in the small arena at home and she jumped fabulously ~ even when we didn’t get the best stride she jumped well and didn’t get tense on landing.  So pleased with her!  Hope we can replicate it in competition!!



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