Happy New Year… season planning begins!

Happy New Year to all!!

Thank you for all the support in 2014 and although on this miserable, dark evening it doesn’t seem like it, the 2015 season will soon be upon us and planning has started already 🙂  I have booked a few days off from work for some of the early competitions, which always feels like tempting fate doing it so far in advance but working full time if I don’t get them booked I may miss out (not an option!)

Ali has had a fairly quiet 2 weeks and will be out doing some show jumping and dressage competitions again in the next few weeks.  I clipped her (hopefully) for the last time this season last weekend, so she looks super smart again!


Flicka has come in from her holiday in the field, had new shoes on and I rode her for the first time again – she was a star in the howling gales and apart from a little excitement when we first cantered behaved perfectly even trotting and cantering over poles.  She feels much stronger than before and we hope to get her out and about ready to start some British Eventing this season.  Mum is hoping to be riding her as soon as she can now that she has her new hip!! (In the meantime I will continue to steal her for eventing…)  Joking apart, we like our young horses to do a bit of everything as feel it is good for them and keeps things interesting and more fun.

Flicka selfie!! After her first ride post holiday today

Flicka selfie!! After her first ride post holiday today

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Here’s to 2015 🙂


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