Allens Hill Eventing Training

It was Flicka’s turn for an outing this weekend, her first since coming back into work after a 3 month field holiday on 1st January.  The Eventing Training classes at Allens Hill are great and go up to 1.20m so I think Ali will be going in the near future too.  They consist of a BE dressage test followed by a show jumping round of 10 fences then timed simulated XC of 10 fences.  We started with the 80cm class this time as she obviously hasn’t done a huge amount in just over a week!!  As you may remember Saturday was rather windy…  however I think living on the top of a windy hill (where the arena at home is situated) is very good for them, as Flicka was quite well behaved with just a few spooks working in and did a steady consistent test for a score of 35 in the dressage (65%).  The jumping was up to height and quite spooky but I need not have worried as she was really bold at everything, no sign of a spook at all once starting the course and just one green rolled pole in the SJ section!  I was most pleased with the lovely rhythm she kept throughout the round, which is something I had been working on at home in the week before.

See a video of our round here.

Slightly burred photo off the video showing her great technique

Slightly burred photo off the video showing her great technique

She finished in 2nd place so a great start to the season for her!  Next time we’ll do the 90cm class and I hope to have her out doing some BE90 classes at the start of the eventing season 🙂

I had a fabulous lesson with Nick Gauntlett on Ali last thursday, she is feeling very fresh at the moment and shot off at the beginning when a filler fell down… keeping me on my toes!!  I feel really together with her now and hope this continues in competition, even when we didn’t get to a fence perfectly we both stayed together and in balance.  Today, following that lesson we did some grid work at home, especially working on wider spreads to improve her technique and ensure her confidence – we ended up with 3 spreads on a 1 stride distance, the last having a spread of 1.30m – so for eventing show jumping I think this is about the widest we’ll need to go! She felt great and was certainly enjoying herself!!


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