Allens Hill Eventing Training

Extremely cold day today at Allens Hill for Eventing Training with Flicka and Ali.

Flicka was having her first outing at a course of 90cm.  She performed a steady dressage test with just a couple of small wobbles for a score of 33.7.  She then popped round the show jumping in a lovely balanced rhythm.  We started the simulated XC well and just clipped the skinny at fence 5 but most importantly stayed really nice and straight.  Then she got a bit muddled when I asked for a longer stride at the second last and hadn’t quite recovered herself for the last, which was a shame.  Pleased with her first outing at this level though.

Watch a video of Flicka’s round here.

Ali was a little madam in the dressage, I had managed to work her in well despite her being very fresh but then Flicka neighed from the lorry near the beginning of the test and so she threw her toys out of the pram… good job she won’t be out competing with Flicka very often.  She seems to be much worse travelling to competitions with other mares rather than geldings (and not just her sister)?  We got through the test and then I worked her for longer in her jumping saddle so she had to buckle down again! We had a rather long wait to jump and it was nearly dark when we did.  She redeemed herself though and jumped a fabulous double clear.

Watch a video of Ali’s round here.

I have now managed to thaw out after a soak in the bath and then in front of the wood burner!!


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