Trip to the gallops

With our first event only 2 weeks away training is in full swing, including fitness sessions.  Unfortunately after this week’s rain the field is too wet now so we made our first trip the gallops.  We are very lucky to have brilliant facilities only a short lorry ride away.  Thankfully Mum could come down with me, I finished work on time but am 2nd on call this weekend so with Mum there I could whizz off if need be!

Ali felt very fresh at first and thought the sheep in the middle were terrifying – needed my seat belt plugged in at the beginning!!


Ali pinging feeling fresh at the beginning

She felt great on our 3 runs up the 6 furlongs though, gradually going faster.  There are furlong markers so when I wear my stopwatch I can gauge how fast I am going, which is really helpful when it comes to judging my XC pace.



Best of all the sun was shining, although it does still feel rather chilly!!  Ali looks just fabulous in the sun 🙂





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