Exciting new sponsorship with Lintbells Equine

I am delighted to announce a new sponsorship partnership with Lintbells Equine, a UK based company providing equine supplements.  In my work as a vet, I have had good responses from my canine and feline patients using the equivalent Lintbells pet products.  Yumove Advance for dogs is the only joint supplement to be clinically proven to work in 6 weeks through research at the Royal Vet College and I have seen brilliant results especially in those who are starting to get stiffer.  Cats also benefit from this product, which means they too can stay more active for longer without the need for anti-inflammatory drugs.  For skin problems and support, I have used lots of Yumega Plus, which has helped many itchy dogs especially those prone to allergic responses to become more comfortable and improves skin and coat quality.  Also the probiotics in the YumPro range have proved useful in gut problems too.

yumove yumega

So I am excited to get started using two of the Lintbells Equine Products:

Yumove Horse Active Joint for 9 year old Ali, who is being aimed at Advanced and 3 Star level this season.  This product is specifically designed to support the joints during the stresses undergone by performance horses.  It should help to keep Ali supple and aid recovery on our quest for competing successfully at the top level eventing!

Thanks to Spidge Event Photography

Thanks to Spidge Event Photography

Yumega Skin and Coat for 6 year old Flicka, who has suffered with mild sweet itch that we have managed well with rugs but means she is inclined to get dry scurfy skin especially around the mane and tail therefore not always looking as shiny and smart as we’d like.  Yumega will help to soothe, calm and support the skin as well as containing antioxidants to support skin defences.


I look forward to working with Lintbells and giving you all feedback on these products, which I already find excellent for my smaller patients!  As well, of course, as keeping you updated with our progress this season now that our first event is entered!!

If you would like more information on Lintbells products visit their websites:



Please do also follow them on Facebook: Pet Health page and Equine Page and Twitter: @LintbellsPet and @lintbellsequine for updates!

Showing her brilliant technique show jumping!



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