Lintbells Equine

I am delighted to have a sponsorship partnership with Lintbells Equine, a UK based company providing equine supplements.  In my work as a vet, I have had good responses from my canine and feline patients using the equivalent Lintbells pet products so it’s exciting to have the chance to use the equivalent products for the horses.

yumove yumega

Ali (9yo) is being aimed at Advanced and 3 Star level this season and is having Yumove Horse Active Joint, which she is eating mixed in her feed.  You only need a small amount of the powdered product so it is easy to hide for fussier eaters.  This product is specifically designed to support the joints during the stresses undergone by performance horses.  It should help to keep Ali supple and aid recovery on our quest for competing successfully at the top level eventing!

Flicka (6yo) is having Yumega Skin and Coat.  She has suffered with mild sweet itch that we have managed well with rugs but means she is inclined to get dry scurfy skin especially around the mane and tail therefore not always looking as shiny and smart as we’d like.  Yumega will help to soothe, calm and support the skin as well as containing antioxidants to support skin defences.

To find out more about the Lintbells Equine range visit their website: www.lintbellsequine.com

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!


As well as keeping everyone up to date with the highs and lows of eventing while working full time I would love to find some sponsors to help me in this rather expensive hobby!

Not only are there costs in keeping horses fit and healthy in the first place; entries, fuel, stabling at events etc. are all costs which are ever increasing.

I am looking for companies that could provide products or services that I require to keep the team going or can contribute towards costs.

In return I can publicise products on this website, via social media including Facebook and Twitter and at events via logos on clothing or horse wear and commentator announcements.  I would also be keen to promote and review products and speak to interested clients one to one if requested.

Brand Hall Trot Up


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